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However, there are plenty of dissatisfied clients who claim that their experience is different and complain about plagiarism. Of course, the company will tell you everything it needs, just for sale, so they will try to convince you that your newspaper is not plagiarized…

There were some mistakes that only a writer unfamiliar with American writing standards could make. Ultius Inc. uses a standard operating mode in which the price is calculated automatically, rather than using the trading method. As a result, prices in Ultius differ from the competition, and not in the best way. The price of the paper depends on the number of pages, the term and the level of the author. The cheapest option is a one-page essay by a high school writer with a 20-day deadline, which will get you back a whopping $ 17.50..

This is one of the most expensive prices we have ever seen. Overpriced and poor quality Ultius is not the best choice for your writing needs. Buyer’s Assistant provides general answers, sometimes seemingly robotic. The work we received reflects some of the opinions of Ultius clients about the simplicity of fashion. Basically, we would like to see assets that were a little more scientific. This assessment has not yet been accepted by the owner of this written service. If you are a webmaster, please contact us to approve or remove this rating.


There are several ways to ensure that writing services are legitimate and can provide the quality you want. If you are looking for a privacy website Ulticus.com is the website you are looking for. They take the safety and discretion of students very seriously. They make sure not to share student information with their authors. You are only visible on the site as a customer with a unique identifier. Editors are also trained to get rid of messages that contain information about their clients. Since they receive high prices for their work, the student expects quality work..

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On average, as a high school student, you will see a price tag of at least $ 20 per page. If you are a college or university student, the price they will charge you for their services will be even higher. This is an above average market price and you can actually find cheaper options. Our order fulfillment team checks each draft for plagiarism before sending the order to the client. There are many free or free plagiarism scanners online..

But take some time to check for plagiarism, so you will know for sure if it is safe to submit the resulting article. The writing team is not bad, but it will also depend on your luck. Sometimes it turns out to be a competent and responsible professional, sometimes it is the opposite. Our writers were good, but they were not as responsible as we would have liked and sometimes seemed suspicious. We wanted to ask around and make sure they really knew the topic of our article…

Some students believe that it is reliable, convenient and efficient in performing tasks. Others complain that they were not happy with the results and that the work was full of grammatical and formatting errors. Some said they were not meeting deadlines by charging high prices. Terrible editors, a horrible platform to look for daily chores, and the horrible guilt you get from writing articles for college and high school students. Some clients complain that their documents contain plagiarism, which is a very bad recommendation for the company. Plagiarism in your article can actually bring you into trouble at your school. There is a price calculator that will increase the amount of money you have to pay each time you add some specifications to your order….

When we asked them what was the topic of their university thesis, they avoided answering and did not answer that question. This made us wonder if they actually have the degree and education that the company claims. William has been working in the essay industry for the past decade, helping high school and college students find the perfect writing company that fits their needs. He likes to create content, write online and everything related to digital marketing. Some reviews show that while customer support is excellent before and during the ordering process, things go downhill from now on. Once you have already placed an order, you may have trouble contacting customer assistance with your requests, including communicating with the author. Ultius is sure to point out that the service only guarantees the employment of American writers, but once we get our probationary work, we are not sure if we fully believe in this..

Although in some places there were complaints about their style – it is very simple. Ulticus.com has a live chat, which should be a quick and convenient way to contact them. However, in live chat, you must include your name, email address and the reason you want to chat before you can use support. Agents take their time to respond, and sometimes your questions may go unanswered. Sometimes the conversation breaks down from time to time and is not available 24/7. When students request a site to use, they are eager to learn about the services the company offers. Ultius.com offers many of the services they offer to the average student..